Burke High School JROTC

"Motivating Young People To Become Better Citizens.”

Burke High school JROTC Bulldog Battalion honors and supports our country. We show patriotism as we live up to the mission of JROTC:  
"Motivating Young People To Become Better Citizens.”

Leadership Day October 23, 2019

LTC (R) Yolanda Ellerbee

​​​​​​​​Senior Army Instructor

SFC (R) Victor Turnipseed

Army Instructor

C/CSM Joshua Wright


Advises the commander on the Battalion’s morale and training of cadets in the program.

C/MAJ Aaliyah Cromwell


Principal staff officer for administrative support in the Battalion and Responsible for the updates concerning the cadets and their grades in all classes and their GPA.

C/MAJ Ta’Niya Johnson


Supervises Battalion physical security and maintains the Battalion’s weapons Room and Officers Sabers and also helps in the planning of the battalion operations.

C/CPL William Jenkins


Staff officer for the matters of training, operations, and planing. Allocates resources to ensure the accomplishment of missions and responsible for public affairs and the Battalions positive effect on the local community.

C/CPL Sade Collins


Primary staff officer for coordination of all supplies and materials in the supply room.

Past Events

JROTC Ball18 Apr 2020
JROTC Promotion Ceremony20 Feb 2020
Essay Contest14 Feb 2020
JROTC Promotion Board13 Feb 2020